Thanks to TIMIFY, you can automatically send an e-mail notification with all event details to both your employees and your customers.

  • The e-mail also has an .ics file attached, with which the appointment can be imported directly into the private calendar.

Reduce no-shows through reminders

With TIMIFY Premium and Enterprise, you can also send customers e-mail reminders, significantly reducing no-shows.

There are three types of reminders you can set, and we will explain each one of them below:

  1. Service Reminders
  2. Global Reminders
  3. App Reminders
  4. Deactivating Email Reminders

1. Service Reminders

Activate booking reminders on service level and specify how many hours before the appointment a reminder should be sent to the customer.

Let's start with heading to the left side menu and select Management section, then choose between Services or Groups, depending on which service you wish to set up reminder for. Select the service and click on the edit icon:

Scroll down to the "Service-Specific Email Reminders" section and choose if you wish to activate a reminder for resources, customers or for both.

You have the option to choose a period between 1 hour and 3 days before the appointment, and you can have a maximum of 3 reminders.

2. Global Reminders

The global reminders are with a higher priority over the service reminders, once you configure them, they will apply automatically to all active services.
Let's go to Settings → Emails and edit the Email Settings. Scroll down to the "Booking reminders" and set your reminders.

As you probably noticed, the Staff reminders options are not available, that is because Global reminders has a higher priority over Service reminders and only here you can choose to whom you wish those reminders to go (Account Owner, Resources, Additional recipients).
In Additional recipients you can add again up to 3 recipients of your choice, that could be your personal email address or a backup mailbox.

3. App Reminders

By App Reminders we are referring to our developed apps for Zoom and GoToMeeting. You can find them in you Timify account → Apps → App Marketplace.
App reminders are considered additional to the previous two, as those will allow you to set a period between 5 minutes and 1 day before the appointment.

The app reminders can be combined with the Global and Service reminders.

4. Deactivating Email Reminders

⚠️ Important: Keep in mind that if you have active bookings in your calendar, and you decide to deactivate the reminders, the email reminder will still be received by your customers.
The reminders will be inactive only for future bookings.

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