The TIMIFY Feedback App enables you to get direct and honest feedback from your customers after an appointment with your company. Automated feedback requests are sent to the respective customer via e-mail after the appointment. Customers are asked to rate their appointment between one and five stars and/or to submit a written review.

From the Apps section, simply install the "TIMIFY Feedback" app. You can find it there under Customer Support.

Via the ⚙️-symbol, you can now define the settings for the feedback of your customers. You can choose when your customers should be asked to give feedback. Choose between 24, 48 or 72 hours after the appointment.

You can also specify who you want to be notified about customer feedback, and who is the sender of the feedback email to the customer. 

Now specify which message the customer should receive. Variables help you to personalize the message for the customer:

  • {$DATE} - displays the date of the appointment.

  • {$COMPANY} - displays your company name.

You can also choose to display the TIMIFY logo and the TIMIFY footer to your customers on the review page. 

Save your changes to set everything up and activate the feedback feature. You can now also send yourself a preview of the email to test the feedback and feedback email.

Once you have received customer feedback, you will be notified by email to the address provided. You will also see in your TIMIFY account in the TIMIFY Feedback App an overview of all reviews and can filter them by month or performance.

It is important to receive constant customer feedback in order to continuously improve your company and the services you offer. The TIMIFY Feedback App helps you to get feedback from your customers in an easy-to-use way and to find out how they like your company and the services you offer.

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