It's that simple

First make sure that you have activated the "Repeat Bookings function" in the calendar settings (⚙ symbol at the top left of your calendar). 

In the appointment window, the function "Repeat" will then be available to you.

  • Here you can first select if you want to create Independent or Connected Bookings. 

Independent Bookings:
If you change a detail (for example duration or color) on one booking, all other bookings in the series won't be affected by it.

Connected Bookings:
Changes are saved for the entire series of bookings.

  • Then choose the frequency in which the series should be created. For example, daily, weekly, etc.

As soon as you create the appointment, it will be set to the frequency you have defined. Should the series collide with already existing appointments in the calendar, you will receive a message and can edit the series in advance. This prevents double bookings.

Delete entire series or individual appointments from a series

If you want to delete one or more appointments from an existing series, you can click on this appointment and click on the recycle bin icon. You will now be asked if you want to delete the entire series, only this one event or all future events from this series. Select the appropriate action and confirm the deletion.

Move an entire series or individual appointments from a series 

When you edit an appointment that is part of a series, you can also define whether you want to edit only that one appointment, all the appointments in the series, or this one and all future appointments in the series. Once you have selected the desired option, you can change the bookings.

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