You use your Outlook calendar at same time as TIMIFY and want to make sure that there are no double bookings? Use our Sync App for Microsoft Office 365 Calendars to prevent this! In this article we'll show you how easy it is.

First install the App

To set up Microsoft Office365 Sync, go to the menu area "Apps" and select the app to install.

Confirm the privacy agreement to complete the installation.

Now select the resource you want to connect to a Microsoft account and click Connect. If you have already connected the resource you will see Awaiting confirmation.

The invited resource now receives a link in an e-mail with which the synchronization can be started. Copy the link into your browser or (easier) click the "Connect" button in the email.

You will now be asked to enter your Microsoft account data and allow access to it.

Now select the calendar you want to synchronize with TIMIFY and confirm with "Connect". You should now receive a confirmation: The calendar was saved successfully.

Now go back to your TIMIFY account and open the Microsoft Office365 Sync App again. You should see "Disable" next to the person you just connected to the Google Calendar.

Sync Settings

Click on the ⚙️Symbol to configure the synchronization settings.

In the "Settings" area you now have the option to select what should be synchronized:

  • Appointments from TIMIFY to Office365 /
  • Appointments from Office365 / to TIMIFY
  • both: 2-way synchronization - therefore appointments from Office365 / to TIMIFY and from TIMIFY to Office365 /

As soon as you save these changes, all new appointments will be synchronized according to your settings. If you want to synchronize already existing appointments, you can also trigger this manually in the settings. Just select the employee and click on Import events or bookings.

The synchronization should now be completed within a few seconds.

With the Microsoft Office365 Sync you always keep track of your online bookings and your Microsoft Office365 Sync. So there can be no double bookings. 

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