With the help of the TIMIFY Import App it is very easy to import all your data to TIMIFY. Use the app for customer or employee data and to import your services. In this article we will show you how.

To use the import app, go to the menu item "Apps". From the list of applications select TIMIFY Import App in the category CRM.

Agree to the privacy agreements and install the app.

Please download the example CSV file using the red button. You can now enter all your customer data into this file. 

❗️Important: The header line and its order should not be changed so that the data can be imported correctly into TIMIFY.

Only the following data fields are supported in the latest version of the app:

  • First name and surname of the customer
  • Email Address
  • Street, house number, city and ZIP code
  • phone number

Import your customer data

In the section "Import Customers" you can now drag and drop the CSV file into the box (marked below in the screenshot) or click on the box to select and upload the file from your computer.

You will now be asked to define rules for merging the data from the CSV file and from your TIMIFY database. This way, the right information will reach the right place in your TIMIFY customer database and it will be decided about what should happen in case of duplications, if any. You have three options to choose from:

Finally, you have to match the data fields in TIMIFY with the data fields in your CSV file by selecting the appropriate header line from the just uploaded CSV file. When you are ready, click on the red button at the bottom of the page and your customers will be imported. Please note that sometimes we do not import customers if one of these things is not done:

  • The telephone country code is not included.
  • The email is invalid (missing @ or TLD or domain).
  • The phone number does not exist.

If you get an error with some contacts that couldn't be imported, you can still decide to import the rest and simply ignore those that couldn't be imported.

Import Resources and Services

In addition to importing your customer data, the TIMIFY Import App also allows you to import a list of your resources (e.g. employees or rooms) or your services. 

This process is identical to the upload of your customer data as described in the article above. Just select another tab in the Import App - Resources or Services.

The TIMIFY Import App simplifies uploading your customer, employee and performance data significantly. This way, your data is always maintained and you don't have to transfer it individually and manually. 

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