To be able to start the synchronisation, you must first install the App for Microsoft Exchange Sync in your TIMIFY account under "Apps":

ATTENTION: As some technical details have to be taken into account during this installation, the app will only be activated for your account after direct request to your key account manager!

STEP 1: Install the app and accept the privacy policy

STEP 2:Then click on the "Connect" button for the employee whose account is to be linked to the Microsoft Exchange calendar.

Next, it should read "Waiting for confirmation

STEP 3: You should now have received an email entitled "TIMIFY Calendar Synchronisation":

In it you will find the link to your Microsoft Exchange calendar. Now go to "Connect" and follow the steps in sequence:

Enter your account data of your Exchange calendar here:

2. connect to your Exchange calendar.


Now go back to your TIMIFY account and open the Microsoft Exchange Sync App again. Here you should see "Deactivate" next to the employee you have previously connected to the Exchange calendar.

Once you have opened the application, navigate to the sync management settings using the "gear icon" on the right to initiate the sync.

Then select how you want to synchronise under the "Settings" item. There are two checkboxes that you can select:

  • Synchronise TIMIFY calendar with Exchange calendar
  • Synchronisation of Microsoft Exchange calendar events with the TIMIFY calendar.
  • In addition, certain server settings can be specified. Select your preferred authentication method. We offer the following variants:- NTLM- Basic- oAuth (on request)

Once you have entered your Microsoft Exchange Server address and pressed save, the connection is established.

ATTENTION: Please consult your data protection officer before choosing the authentication method!

  • Import existing events from your Exchange calendar to TIMIFY. Simply select an employee from the selection box and click on "Import events" OR:
  • Alternatively, import appointments from TIMIFY into the Exchange calendar. Simply select an employee from the selection box and click on "Import bookings".

ATTENTION:If you select these options, all appointments will automatically be synchronised with Microsoft Exchange! The synchronization should now take place within a few seconds.

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