Our Booking Widget is highly customisable and flexible. To get it to work for your exact needs, these are the settings that you need to know about.

In addition to the settings that we highlight here, you can manage the data fields you want to display in your booking widget. We go over data fields in this article.

1. Booking Settings.

2. Widget Settings.

1. Booking Settings.

Navigate to Settings, and Bookings, and click on the red edit icon.

The booking tab covers everything to do with booking options; some settings apply to the calendar, some to the widget. We're just going to focus on the widget settings.

To start with, you can manage the parameters around how far in advance customers can book. There are two settings for this, the Online Booking: Maximum Lead Time, and Online Booking: Minimum Lead Time.

We're using our widget for spontaneous shopping slots, and want our customers to be able to book up to one month in advance (maximum lead time). We want slots to be booked up until the last moment possible, so selected "0" for the minimum lead time. Many users need time to prepare for customers, so typically select 24 or 48 hours.

Next, manage how many hours before a customer is due to attend their booking, they can cancel online. Customers can reschedule or cancel bookings via their confirmation email:

TIMIFY Email Confirmation: Cancel or reschedule option

Use the Online Cancellation: Lead Time setting to manage this.

The last setting in this tab that affects your widget, is Online Booking: Slot Frequency. Select how often you want booking slots to display in your widget.

We've selected the "by service duration" option here. Note: the interval display has no impact on the service length.

Here's how 15 min interval booking slots appear in the daily view of a booking widget:

The TIMIFY Booking Widget: time slot display day view

2. Widget Settings.

Now let's navigate to the Widget tab. All the settings here affect your booking widget.

There are many settings here - how many of them are available to you depends on your plan. An explanation is given for each setting.

You have the option to enable the language selector; and to select whether booking slots should appear by day, or by calendar week. (Calendar weeks always start on a Monday).

The Service Category Drop-Down setting is important, especially if you offer services across different categories. It can be overwhelming for customers to see a long list of services, so we recommend you enable this setting, and open the first category. This helps customers get their bearings.

Here's how services appear in the widget, when you have the Service Category Drop-Down setting activated:

The TIMIFY Booking Widget: Booking Slot Display

  • Tip: you can re-order your services and service categories by clicking on the re-order icon in Management, Services. Your category and service order here is 1:1 with the widget.

Next up, settings that affect whether online bookable resources should display or not: whether the booking length should display or not: and what authentication methods you want to offer customers when they book with you.

And finally, you have settings that allow you to link to your business terms and conditions, and/or your privacy policy. You can display a time zone selector so customers can select their preferred time zone; plus you can have the customer be re-directed from the booking confirmation "success" message to a landing page of your choice.

Here's how a booking widget looks with the company's privacy policy linked:

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