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How does the appointment confirmation by email work?

How can an appointment be postponed or cancelled?

What options are there for appointment reminders?

Checking the emails sent and what to look out for in the settings

Thanks to TIMIFY, you can automatically send an email notification with all the appointment details to both your employees and your customers.

The email also has an .ics file attached, which can be used to import the appointment directly into your private calendar.

How does the appointment confirmation by email work?

The confirmation email contains all the details of the appointment booking such as company name, service, time, address and with whom the appointment is taking place.

Likewise, the appointment booker has the option of postponing or cancelling the appointment in the confirmation email:

How can an appointment be postponed or cancelled?

The rescheduling of the appointment can be done via the client, or via the company.

From the customer's point of view (external):

The customer receives a button in the confirmation email with a postponement/cancellation of the appointment:

As soon as the customer clicks on the button, a new window opens for postponing or cancelling the booking:

From the employee's point of view (internal):

The employee can move and edit the appointment in the calendar:

Everything in the booking can be changed here, the time, the day, the resource responsible and the client. Through the change, the client and the respective resource can be informed by email.

In the same way, an appointment can be cancelled internally:

In addition, an individual message can be created here, which the customer receives in the appointment cancellation e-mail.

What are the options for appointment reminders?

Appointment reminders can be set for the client as well as for the employee:

Up to 3 reminders can be sent from 1h before booking to 3 days.

Likewise, additional recipients can be added internally.

Checking the emails sent and what to look out for in the settings

We often receive support requests to check whether any appointment confirmations, for example, have actually been sent to the respective customer. You can check this yourself in your calendar at any time.

Detailed information on the email status and real-time tracking of all sent emails can be found here.

There are a few special features to keep in mind when it comes to confirmation emails and reminders:

Settings of the confirmation emails:

  • Is the email address of the customer correct? Make sure that there are no typing errors or similar in the email address.

  • Has the box "Email to client" been checked for a manually added booking? If not, no email will be sent to the client.

The tick can be set automatically in advance in the settings for all future manually added bookings. Under Settings>Bookings and the "Calendar" tab

you can make the booking setting for the "E-mail to" box:

  • The booking must be in the future, otherwise the customer will not receive a confirmation email.

Email Reminder Settings:

In the reminder email settings, there are choices from 1h to 3 days before the appointment:

If you have selected 24h (1 day) before the booking, but the booking was made before the 24h period, no reminder email will be sent. The period here is shorter than the setting of 1 day.

Settings of the appointment postponement / cancellation:

It is the same with the postponement or cancellation of appointments, here in the booking settings (Settings>Bookings tab Booking can be specified until when the customer has the option to postpone the appointment:

If the time period is less than this, no button with rescheduling or cancellation is displayed in the confirmation email, which means that the customer cannot reschedule the appointment independently, they would have to call the company.

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