You can create customised permission types for managers - defining their exact access rights to your Branch Manager account- and assign them to multiple managers.

As with our other permission features, you can assign permission types a colour and an icon, to make them easily identifiable.

How to Add a Permission Type

How to Assign Manager Permission Types

How to Add a Manager Permission Type

  1. Access the feature via Managers -> Manager Permissions:

ℹ️ The first time you open this tab, the "Admin" permission type appears, with all your managers assigned to it. Admin permissions count as your first permission type.

2. Click the "add" icon to create a new manager permission type - a form will open.

3. In the form, enter a name for your permission type. We called ours, "UK Managers", and selected an icon, and a colour. Go through each permission drop-down, and select your preferred access rights by clicking on the radio buttons. Note that for some options, in addition to "read", you have "write" and "delete":

4. Once you've finished defining your permissions, hit save. In the setting preview, the new permission type appears. You can click on the drop-downs to review the permissions, and click the edit icon to make any changes.

That's it! Now you're ready to assign your permission types to your Managers.

How to Assign Manager Permission Types

Navigate to Managers, select a manager, and click the edit icon. ´You can assign your customised permission types from the Permissions dropdown. For new managers that you add to your account, you can assign them permission types as you create their file.

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